Making Snapple cool again with the return of Snapple Elements and in-game marketing with Fortnite

Advertising, Innovative Tech, Video/Motion Graphics, Web/UI Design

Addy August Bronze

2022 Bronze Addy Winner, Augusta AAF

“Snapple is the Myspace of drinks.”[1] It went from a quirky tea/juice company started by a group of best friends to a product that Gen Xers and elder Millennials remember, like JNCO jeans, with nostalgia and a mildly embarassed chuckle. After changing owners a few times and some marketing missteps, Keurig Dr Pepper refreshed the brand and, to the chagrin of fans, changed the bottle from glass to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic in 2021. The new branding lacks the unique character and vision that made it so popular in the 90s. By reintroducing their cult hit, Snapple Elements, as a non-caffeinated energy drink, and partnering with the insanely popular online game, Fortnite, Snapple will reach a new audience and regain its former glory.

Target Audience:

Gen Z gamers aged between 16 and 24. Gen Z are believers in corporate responsibility and are willing to pay more for high-quality, ethical, and sustainable products. Gamers spend much of their free time online, whether gaming or socializing with friends through digital platforms such as Twitch and Discord.


  • Refresh brand with return iconic logo, new brand packaging back to glass bottles
  • Fortnite - in game skins, advertising, QR code promotions inside caps
  • Twitch - banner ads, influencer partnership, emote
  • TikTok - curated content from influencers, original content of product

Roles: AD/CW

[1] McCue, M. (2015 June 23). How Snapple became the Myspace of drinks. Thrillist.
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