Power outages are a nightmare.

Advertising, Video/Motion Graphics, Graphic Design

Target Audience: Homeowners, mostly dads, mid 30s to early 50s

Insight: People don’t think they’ll need a generator to deal with a power outage... until it’s too late.

Concept: The heart of the campaign is the horror movie, “The Outage,” in which a hapless dad is terrorized by his family who has gone berzerk during a power outage. The brand film for TV/YouTube is edited as a trailer for the movie, with the full “director’s cut” DVD being direct mailed to select customers in geographical areas prone to power outages. Movie posters advertising the film will be posted in those same areas. Additionally, immersive in-store displays will engage shoppers with the film and bring awareness to the Generac brand and their whole-home generator products.

Roles: AD/CW


2023 Bronze Addy, AAF Augusta
Film, Video & Sound - Television Advertising - Single

2023 Silver Addy, AAF Augusta
Cross-Platform - Integrated Advertising Campaign - Consumer Campaign

2023 Silver Addy, AAF Augusta
Sales & Marketing - Direct Marketing

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