During the past 14 years, my career has taken me from graphic and production design to web design to web development and back again. My fluency in code allows me to speak developer, but I prefer to be the one with pencil in hand. I take pride in the minutiae of details and find creativity in even the seemingly ordinary.

Over the years I found myself getting tired of being asked to execute the poor ideas of others. So, in 2020, after facing a layoff that changed my outlook like so many of my peers, I enrolled at SCAD for my BFA in Advertising & Branding. From now on I get to be the one coming up with not-poor ideas.

When I'm not scribbling out my latest ideas, you can find me in the kitchen making something tasty, bass fishing, or enjoying a craft beer on my back deck, but most likely I'm chauffeuring my kids around.

Interested in working with me? Contact me or check out my resume below.

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